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Ultrasonic Heat Exchanger Clean In Place Technology

USP Technology cleans heat exchangers continuously and during operation using ultrasound. Specialized transducers are affixed to the tube-sheet of shell and tube exchangers. High frequency, low displacement vibrations prevent mineral scale and fouling build-up from settling, which improves heat transfer efficiency and significantly lowers operational-energy costs.

Ultrasonic Clean-In-Place (CIP) Improves Processing Capacity

The improved energy recovery and furnace efficiency has allowed our unit to recovery $1.5 million (USD) in savings.
The key benefit for us is uptime. Before USP we were cleaning in situ every 6-8 weeks. With USP, our boilers did not need cleaning for 3 years.
USP has had a significant effect in reducing the fouling rate. 
USP Improves Heat Transfer & Furnace Duty
USP Increases Energy Savings & Throughput

Is your Process a Candidate for Ultrasonic Clean-In-Place?

Our Candidate Form verifies if a heat exchanger is a candidate for ultrasonic Clean-In-Place technology.
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Installation of MORKO USP – Shell Pernis, 2015.
Installation of MORKO USP – Dow Chemical Terneuzen, 2017.