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Is Your Process a Candidate for Ultrasonic Clean-In-Place?

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For us to verify if your process is a candidate for the USP solution, we need to first understand your process. We use a Heat Exchanger Candidate Form to gather some information on process parameters and equipment design.

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Common Questions About USP Technology

Which kinds of fouling and scaling does the USP system mitigate?
USP mitigates both organic and inorganic types of fouling. It works particularly well at descaling hard, brittle deposits, but also highly effective at removing slug, slime and sticky scale in heat exchangers.
Can ultrasonic cleaning of heat exchangers cause harm to my equipment or its surroundings?
There are no records of damage from our customers who have been using our ultrasonics to clean heat exchangers. The vibrations created by USP are only about 2-6 microns in size. The average human hair is 100 microns thick, and the vibrations from your process already are far greater.
Does my equipment need to come out of the operating unit for USP to be installed?
Installation occurs in the operating unit, during your cleaning interval or turnaround. No craning, scaffolding, or transportation required for installing USP.
Who else is using USP technology?
DOW Chemical, Shell, GS Caltex, SK, PTT Chemical, and others, trust our ultrasonic heat exchanger cleaning technology for fouling mitigation.
How much will this cost?
It’s in both our best interests to provide you with the right amount of ultrasound necessary for optimal fouling mitigation. For this, we should first understand your equipment and fouling problem. We recommend getting started by telling us a little about your circumstances through the form above.
What certifications does USP have?
All USP equipment is certified for the country of use. UL, CE and ATEX certification are standard.

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