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Who We Are

Engineering sound into superior cleaning technologyTM

ORANGE Ultrasonics Inc., produces purpose-built ultrasonic process improvement technologies for the Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Energy sectors.

We began our journey pioneering ultrasonic cleaning for heat exchangers through immersion tank technology. Even today, this method is undisputedly the most-effective method for cleaning the shell-side of a shell and tube exchanger bundle.

The evolution of our technology has given us the ability to clean heat exchangers and other critical assets in place— while they are ONLINE and in full operation.


We’ve coined this ability as Clean-in-Process©.

Our ultrasonically based technologies allow global processors to increase their run-times between cleaning intervals. This increased yield is then bettered by reduced maintenance and operational costs, greater energy savings, and water recovery.

We invite you to be curious and contact us to learn more about the process improvement technologies that can benefit you.

Our process improvement solutions: