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Ultrasonic Heat Exchanger Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic Clean-in-Place technology allows heat exchanger cleaning to take place during full process operation.

Reach it, Remove it, with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning removes fouling in boilers, condensers and evaporators across many processes and industries.

Cost Avoidance, Reliability, Run-Length

Our ultrasonic heat exchanger cleaning technologies clean during operation, improving process efficiency.

Ultrasonic Cleaning keeps heat exchangers online with minimal operating or maintenance costs

Clean and prevent heat exchanger fouling in critical processing units with the diligence and speed only sound waves can offer. Our ultrasonic cleaning technologies are used by producers worldwide to improve run-time, asset reliability, and energy recovery to meet expected demand.

Ultrasonic Clean-in-Place (CIP)

Ultrasonic cleaning of heat exchangers, continuously during process operation.

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Online Pipe Descaling and Debottlenecking

Flow improvement, Pipeline debottlenecking, ultrasonic pipe descaling, while in operation.

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Industrial Acoustic Cleaning Tanks

Specialized ultrasonic vessels of various sizes built for shut downs and turnarounds.

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It’s time to trade in your frequent cleaning intervals

Ultrasonic cleaning and fouling mitigation technologies remove fouling and scaling in heat exchangers more effectively and in less time than other methods.

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Ultrasound sets new standards for producers

DOW Chemical, Shell, GS Caltex, SK, PTT Chemical, and others, trust our heat exchanger cleaning and fouling mitigation technologies to improve process run-length.


A refinery that shut down every 6-8 weeks now avoids turnarounds with ultrasonic heat exchanger cleaning.

Process Profitability

A refinery that implemented ultrasonic fouling mitigation accrues US$1.5M annually in benefits.

Cost Avoidance

Longer run-length allows you to avoid the costs of planning and executing cleaning intervals.

Asset Reliability

Online heat exchanger cleaning and pipe descaling technologies have zero contact time.
The technology has proved to be a game-changer: providing energy savings, reduced environmental impact, improved heat transfer and measureable cost avoidance.”

–  Royal Dutch Shell


What if you could skip a cleaning interval on your entire heat train?

MORKO® USP Technology

This ultrasonic Clean-in-Place (CIP) technology cleans 24/7 during full process operation.



Improve flow dynamics in pipes online, during operation

M 3 Ultrasonic Descaling

M 3 Ultrasonic Descaling cleans online by modulating vibrational energy output for optimal descaling.

M 3 will improve flow in pipes and other assemblies during operation. This online scale removal technology delivers continuous, adaptive mechanical oscillations which mitigate fouling around radius turns and low flow areas due to gravity, humidity, or viscosity.

Applications of M 3



Pipe Descaling and Debottlenecking

Depending upon pipe diameter and metal specifications, an actuator(s) is matched, mounted, and calibrated to improve process flow rates in: areas of low flow volume; pinch point areas of restricted flow.

Hoppers, Sieving, and Screw Feeders

Pulse and/or continuous sonic agitation can be matched to move both dry and wet materials through hopper canals, sieving filters, and screw feeders. M 3 Ultrasonic Pipe Descaling is tuned on-site to meet optimal flow parameters for the processing material.

Water Treatment and Mineral Scale Removal

Customized actuators installed on inlet water feeds can keep scaling minerals and foreign material in the water from settling within inside pipe diameters.

Other Applications

M3 Ultrasonic Pipe Descaling can also be used for the densification of materials, sono-chemistry, and metal homogenization.
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By understanding the challenges your process faces, we can better understand if M 3 Ultrasonic Descaling is the right solution for you.



Remove years of residual fouling in under 24 hours
Industrial Acoustic Cleaning Tanks

A combination of proprietary chemicals and ultrasonics in specialized vessels. Acoustic tanks are the choice of turnaround superintendents for cleaning quickly with unmatched detail.

Key Features of an ORANGE Tank
  • Accommodates equipment up to 26’ (8m) in length
  • Dual-powered ultrasonic frequencies
  • Built to withstand temperature extremes
  • In-line heater system
  • Centrific ® whirlpool flow, for removing loosened fouling
  • Ease of set-up, power hook-up and pack-up for transport to the next project location
What makes ORANGE Acoustic Tanks better
  • Essential Wave Technology, a new type of reactive oscillation delivering more disruptive sound waves for better cleaning
  • Multi- frequency transducer sets, eliminate standing or cancellation waves
  • Robust, immersible transducers that can operate out of the cleaning fluid without fear of burn-out
  • True 2000 watts of ultrasonic power output, per generator (not just at peak performance)
Ask us about our Acoustic Tank technology

We’re passionate about improving plant performance. Let us help you identify a cleaning option bst suited for your process and goals.

Ask us about our Acoustic Tank technology

We’re passionate about improving plant performance. Let us help you identify a cleaning option bst suited for your process and goals.

It’s time to trade in your frequent cleaning intervals

We’re here to help you explore fouling mitigation and descaling technology that are right for your processing challenges.